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Haywire by Justin R. Macumber

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by Justin R. Macumber


By: Justin R. Macumber

Release Date: March 1, 2012

Rating: 3.5 stars

Summary: A century ago, super-soldiers known as Titans drove alien invaders from the solar system and back to their home world. Now the Titans have returned, infected by a virus and compelled to destroy humanity. Will a scholar, her son, and the only Titan able to resist the infection find a way to stop them and save humanity from its own greatest weapon?


Review: I’m rounding down, but I admit, part of it was probably because I lost the momentum and the details from the first half of the book were not as fresh to me when I took such a long a break. I had to stop for the night and just got sidetracked with everything else.

My friend had recommended this book to me so I can try an adult sci-fi novel. After reading Chapters 1 and 3, I was afraid I was in way over my head. Thank goodness the verbiage became easier to read, and I found myself enjoying this book quite a bit.

I enjoyed reading about the world that Macumber has created – the Titans playing the dual role as killers and protectors, the Hezrin and the reign, the virus and how it broke down the Titans in body and mind to where it indirectly became a human problem, and this massive network of different agencies that came together to bring readers such a climatic end.

The book was just filled with action. But for a newbie like me, however, it may have been a little bit too much.

There was just an awful lot going on and so many players involved – the Titans and the Hezrin, the Alliance and the SWAT the Union, the Marines or was it the Navy (both were mentioned), the pirates, the Crimson King, the researchers like Dr. Hofstadter and the late Dr. Groesbeck, the Campbells, as well as all of the other characters that I’m not sure which group they fall into.

While this helped keep the pacing up and there was never a dull moment, I just felt right when I was ready to settle down with a scene, the book had moved along and left me behind. But the action kept me intrigued, even though I felt a bit disoriented from the chaos.

The last line was pretty cool. “Despite the heavy gravity, his steps were as light as air.” It was just one of those closing remarks that one thinks of and holds on to it for safekeeping until just the right place for it.

The end may not have been a perfect happily ever after end, but it made a lot of sense, and I liked how the epilogue just tied everything together to make up for the bloodshed in the previous chapters.

For me, the most interesting part of this book was the nanites and Dr. Groesbeck’s research, especially since he was so legendary and Dr. Campbell was so intrigued with the whole concept, and I didn’t get as much of that as I would have liked. Still, I thought the book was overall good, and I did enjoy it quite a bit.

Go to Katy’s review on Goodreads.

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