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Kenzie St. James – To be or not to be… Suspicious

The Lost Prince
by Julie Kagawa

Mitch and Katy read “The Lost Prince” by Julie Kagawa about a month ago. Katy kept saying how much she loved Kenzie St. James, and Mitch kept insisting he had a feeling she was up to something. This is Kenzie St. James rehashed.

SPOILER ALERT: “The Lost Prince” will be released October 23, 2012 so please do NOT read this conversation if you haven’t read the book.

Katy: Kami (from Sarah Rees Brennan’s “Unspoken”) was too aggressively annoying unlike Kenzie
Mitch: Because kenzie was written like she has a secret agenda but kami is well meaning all the way
Katy: I wouldn’t really call it a secret agenda
Katy: I thought that part ruined her character bc sudden sob story
Mitch: Of course she doesn’t but she was written like she did
Mitch: It was ok in hindsight I should’ve seen it
Mitch: But you distracted me :p
Katy: Lol well u didn’t have to read it with me
Katy: It was too cliche IMO
Katy: Should have been better
Mitch: Well what reason would you come up with instead?
Mitch: Severe childhood trauma
Katy: Why couldn’t they just make her normal
Katy: And she wanted to go bc she was curious or that she liked him or that she wanted adventure
Katy: Y throw in a sob story at all
Katy: Her character was so spunky up until that point
Mitch: Bc normal people wouldn’t trade a day of their life for the sight
Mitch: That’s just crazy I wouldn’t do it
Katy: She would!
Katy: Bc Ethan talked crazy fairy talk
Katy: And her reporter side was curious enuf
Katy: That was a good reason
Mitch: Hmm actually she might be more interesting as a slightly crazy character
Katy: She’s NOT normal. She blows of guys. She doesn’t take crap from popular kids. And she’s still popular
Katy: Exactly!
Mitch: No curiosity is worth part of your life imo
Katy: “Hmm actually she might be more interesting as a slightly crazy character”
Katy: Go with this
Mitch: I think kagawa wanted to explain why she’s crazy instead of putting off for another book
Mitch: I’m not happy with how she turns out either
Katy: Well in books like that characters sacrifice themselves or throw themselves into action all the time
Katy: Meghan did
Mitch: But if she was just randomly crazy it might annoy other people who knows
Katy: Why does Kenzie need a reason
Mitch: First for her brother and then for ash
Katy: Why not for Ethan
Mitch: People are selfish
Katy: I mean she harass him the whole book
Katy: Why not for him
Mitch: Why for him?
Katy: Because she likes him enuf?
Mitch: She’s gotta have a reason and craziness might tick off the anti insta love crowd
Katy: I would do that for a friend or someone I liked
Katy: Why not just because?
Katy: Bc she was bored of bs
Katy: Bc she wanted to know about fairies
Mitch: I don’t believe she’d do it when she just met him
Katy: Bc she wanted to see for herself
Mitch: Exactly if you just met that’s insta love
Katy: But she knew him enuf
Katy: And remember she kind of experienced some of the weirdness with him already
Mitch: Enough to sacrifice her safety and days of her life that’s still huge
Katy: She’s not the type that would just say I’m gonna forget about it
Katy: And let it go
Katy: If u were presented with something
Katy: And u know that ur world is not what u thought
Katy: And u have the opportunity to know the whole truth
Katy: Bc life has given u plenty of hints
Katy: Would u be able to go back
Mitch: Ignorance is bliss
Katy: Knowing there’s more
Katy: But she’s not ignorant
Katy: If she was it’ll b diff
Katy: It she’s already been exposed to it
Mitch: If kenzie is written like that she’d be cliched in a different way imo
Mitch: The eager opportunist
Katy: But she’s already proven so much that she’s not cliche
Katy: I mean there are other characters like her scattered in books
Katy: But she would have been a stronger impression
Mitch: Maybe we’ll like her more but others may like it less I think it was a calculation
Katy: Here she’s so awesome then all of a sudden ur like oh dying girl alerts
Katy: Iono just my opinion, she was built up to b this no nonsense sass
Katy: And then all of a sudden bam
Katy: Nope not so much anymore
Katy: Bc now all her sass was a front
Mitch: I agree
Katy: The blowing off guys and not taking crap from girls
Katy: She didn’t care bc now she’s dying
Katy: Not she didn’t care bc he thought it wasn’t important
Katy: U know?
Mitch: She should be different from the million other tough chicks and dying was probably overboard
Mitch: Iron fey for me was always about the world building and not the characters though kenzie’s another flawed character in a series with many flawed characters
Katy: She’s not just a tough chick though
Katy: She just didn’t let everyday nonsense get to her
Katy: That’s y I liked her
Katy: Bc it’s not like she was a kickass
Katy: She was just down to earth I guess
Mitch: I think I said meghan’s angstyness never bothered me bc I was distracted by the plot and that’s more or less true for kenzie
Katy: Kenzie wasn’t angsty though
Katy: Ethan was
Katy: Kenzie was just ummm… Above it… But not in a snobby way either
Mitch: But then why would she have acted suspiciously?
Katy: I didn’t think she was!
Katy: U did
Katy: Y does she have to have a motive
Katy: There are ppl like her out there with no motive u know
Mitch: I’m a lawyer
Mitch: Lol
Mitch: I don’t believe that
Katy: Why not?!?!
Mitch: I think everyone wants something
Katy: Ok so I can b manipulative if I wanna be, but I make my intentions very clear
Katy: Kenzie doesn’t have anything to gain from Ethan
Katy: So let’s so no dying girl
Katy: Not suspicious
Katy: And even dying girl, I don’t think she had ulterior motives
Katy: Just our take on why she had that outlook
Mitch: I just felt she was set up for some sort of problem with the way she was written behaving suspiciously, either drop that plot thread or come up with an excuse
Mitch: Like dying
Katy: Well I knew there was more to her
Katy: But I wouldn’t ccll it suspicious
Mitch: She could have no motives but that was not how she was characterized
Katy: U my dear are a very cynical suspecting person
Katy: I still wouldn’t say she acted suspiciously
Katy: There’s just more to her than a surface deep sass
Mitch: Yeah I’m a cynic
Mitch: Most of the time I’m right though I saw through the entire plot of broken for example
Katy: Yeah but u were quick to jump on cowboy dark or whatever
Katy: Ur mind is always reeling ahead of time
Mitch: Yeah she’s dying (could’ve been something else but no)
Katy: Get enuf info bf u jump to conclusions
Mitch: I have to jump to conclusions with the info I have that’s my job :p
Katy: Yes but gather enuf evidence bf u convict
Katy: And my job is to look at what I have
Katy: From all sides
Mitch: The author’s is to surprise me with another plausible and acceptable possibility
Mitch: Lol that’s for the jury not me
Katy: So u find one evidence that supports ur case and u run with it
Mitch: And you like kenzie as just a supportive friend ok
Katy: I wouldn’t say that
Katy: I would say she didn’t wanna deal with bs. Ethan was mysteriously different. Y not go on an adventure
Mitch: That’s the simple solution, kagawa wanted to make it more complex, we agree complex in this case not for the best
Katy: Yes
Mitch: Cool
Katy: I could have sworn ur review was blown by Kenzie’s secret
Katy: That’s what I remember anyway
Mitch: I’m ambivalent towards the secret bc I appreciate complexity and even though it was a huh moment I can accept it unlike you
Katy: I can accept it… Don’t like it much but accept it… I still think she’s a great character
Mitch: I don’t like it either but I don’t know what else could’ve replaced that
Mitch: You say can say nothing
Katy: Iono I’m tired of the dying girl or the child with dead parents that died in accident or the wreck that makes two people get over whatever problem they had
Katy: Those three are too cliche and over done to pull on ur emotional strings
Mitch: But I feel the way she’s written we were set up for something and if it really was nothing that’d been wtf for me
Katy: Not for me
Mitch: Lol I wasn’t emotional at all over the books any of the iron fey for that matter
Mitch: Not why I read them
Katy: Exactly
Katy: Y make it emotional
Katy: Could have just been about adventure in a cool world kagawa worked so hard to build
Mitch: Bc you girls like it that way? I dunno not my department for me it really just is adventure in cool world even with the cancer
Katy: Ok well cancer left out book would have still been great
Mitch: Well I don’t go for the emotional stuff so you’d have to ask if anyone actually teared up at that tho I doubt it
Katy: No I don’t think it’ll cause tears
Katy: But it was an effort to pull ur sympathy
Mitch: I saw it more as a way to explain her behavior so not really sympathies from me

Go to Katy’s review on Goodreads.

Go to Mitch’s review on Goodreads.

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  1. Navs
    September 14, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    I was supposed to be studying online..See what happens when I’m supposed to be studying online? Anyways, so I initially read Kami and I thought Katy had reread Unspoken and we were having a discussion on that but oh well. Katy, you do talk a lot 😛
    I felt Kenzie was simply odd and her reaction wasn’t that of a normal person. She didn’t even seem scared mostly. Or maybe because it was from Ethan’s pov, she came out as composed (he was pretty impressed and smitten by her so maybe internally she was freaking out). Kagawa using illness and daddy issues as an excuse for her behavior and readiness was quite obvious to me. But I hadn’t expected her to pull out the dying card to obtain sympathy for Kenzie. I think in the coming series if she lets her die, it would be better. But her publishers are a sucker for happy endings so maybe she recovers which would make it all very pointless.

    • Katy
      September 14, 2012 at 3:48 pm

      LOL, yeah, I do talk a lot. 😛 But we’ll just contribute it to the fact that I press [send] a lot. 😉
      And Kenzie is pretty much ideal character, well, up until the whole unveiling of the secret. She was composed but not flat, strong yet not obnoxious and spunky but not a bitch. I hated that a character like her had to have daddy issues or an illness just to justify someone like that. 😦

      • Navs
        September 14, 2012 at 3:54 pm

        I agree but I wasn’t impressed by her. I think first impressions really do matter and Kenzie’s first impression was that of a nosy person who couldn’t leave Ethan alone even though he acted like a jerk to her. It really bothers me when girls think they can see through a guy’s BS and take it into their hands to change them. She wasn’t clingy and I liked that, she tried to help and did help Ethan calm down sometimes. I didn’t dislike her, but simply didn’t care for her.

        • Katy
          September 14, 2012 at 3:57 pm

          You want to know what’s funny? What started the whole conversation was I was commenting how you liked Kami and found Kenzie nosy. I thought the exact opposite how Kami was aggressively nosy and Kenzie was just the right amount.

          • Katy
            September 14, 2012 at 4:02 pm

            Oh yeah, and I know about nosy reporters. Kenzie was trying to get to know Ethan because he was her story for the newspaper. Kami was the type that was, “Something smells fishy, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.” And THAT is why I thought Kami was annoying because of that attitude and because she ended up causing so much trouble because of it. And THAT was the difference why I liked Kenzie and couldn’t stand Kami.

          • Navs
            September 14, 2012 at 4:07 pm

            Hahaha! Kami was nosy but I think her being hilarious made up for it. Kami was weird and strange and sometimes jumped conversations like no normal person would. Like when she was with Ash visiting the manor and abruptly switches to asking him about the difficulties in his family. Who does that? But because she was weird from the beginning I ignored it. Kenzie didn’t have that excuse for herself. She wasn’t bad at all, but Idk how to explain it. Her interviewing Ethan for the school paper didn’t contribute anything to the plot and was just a device to include her as a love interest for him. Maybe that’s what bothered me. Idk.

            • Katy
              September 14, 2012 at 4:16 pm

              Well, depending on how big your school is, a lot of high school newspapers will do previews on the new student that comes in the middle of the year. And I guess that was Kagawa’s excuse for Kenzie getting to know the standoffish Ethan.
              And in general, I don’t like those investigative reporter wannabes because the way authors usually portray them is so cliche and not how it is in real life. So immediately, I held a grudge against Kami. And I guess you found her weirdness to be charming, whereas I found her to be irritating. And she wasn’t very nice to begin with. So she had too many points racked up against her, for me personally.

              • Navs
                September 14, 2012 at 4:26 pm

                I have no idea how real reporters are supposed to be. I never knew anyone in the journalism field so I can’t really comment about the reality of it but I agree that it’s cliched and over-used. She was irritating at times but there was her dad and other characters to distract me from it. I did mind it when she didn’t know such an important fact about her best friend. It shouldn’t have taken a day for her to realize that Angela was missing. She was so lost in her own thoughts that she ignored everyone around her.

  2. Navs
    September 14, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Katy :
    Oh yeah, and I know about nosy reporters. Kenzie was trying to get to know Ethan because he was her story for the newspaper. Kami was the type that was, “Something smells fishy, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.” And THAT is why I thought Kami was annoying because of that attitude and because she ended up causing so much trouble because of it. And THAT was the difference why I liked Kenzie and couldn’t stand Kami.

    I liked Kami taking action because harmless animals were being sacrificed for no reason and she took action against it. Anyone who takes action against animal abuse gets cookie points from me. Also, she didn’t really stir trouble. Her connection to Jared was what made her the target and even Nicole’s death wasn’t due to her stirring trouble. It was bound to happen to someone despite her involvement. Her interest in the Lynburns seemed logical to me. It helped her get to the bottom of why she was connected to Jared. So it worked for me.

    • Katy
      September 14, 2012 at 4:36 pm

      LOL, you’re going to call me heartless, but I thought that was the author’s attempt to get you to sympathize with Kami, and you did. I mean, yeah, I’m glad she saved the squirrel (or whatever it was, I have to go back and check), but it wasn’t one of those things that made me have a newfound respect for her. I don’t know, I just got this whole snobby vibe from Kami. I’ll try to reskim the book this weekend so we can discuss more.

      • Navs
        September 14, 2012 at 4:43 pm

        Hahaha! It was a fox! Don’t worry. I can be heartless too, but it’s more towards humans at times than animals. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t really like Kenzie and you’re the only one who doesn’t like Kami. It works. 😀

        • Katy
          September 14, 2012 at 4:46 pm

          LOL! I can live with that. 😛

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