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Author Interview & Book Giveaway: Gina Linko (Flutter)


by Gina Linko

Flutter by Gina Linko

Release Date: October 23, 2012

Go to Katy’s Review on Goodreads.

Summary: All Emery Land wants is to be like any other 17-year-old—to go to school, hang out with her friends, and just be normal. But for as long as she can remember, she’s suffered from seizures. And in recent years they’ve consumed her life. To Emery they’re much more than seizures, she calls them loops—moments when she travels through wormholes back and forth in time and to a mysterious town. The loops are taking their toll on her physically. So she practically lives in the hospital where her scientist father and an ever-growing team of doctors monitor her every move. They’re extremely interested in the data they collect when Emery seizes. It appears that she’s tapping into parts of the brain typically left untouched by normal human beings.

Escaping from the hospital, Emery travels to Esperanza, the town from her loops on the upper peninsula of Michigan, where she meets Asher Clarke. Ash’s life is governed by his single-minded pursuit of performing good Samaritan acts to atone for the death of a loved one. His journey is very much entwined with Emery’s loops.

Drawn together they must unravel their complicated connection before it’s too late.



I had an opportunity to chat with and interview Gina Linko, author of young adult science fiction romance “Flutter,” just in time for the book release on Tuesday, October 23.

This book WILL surprise you, and without giving too much away, here’s some of the things Linko had to say about the book.

And don’t forget to check out the book giveaway on Goodreads at the end of the interview.


Gina Linko

What inspired you to write this book?

I start off writing always with themes in mind. I wanted to write about love and fate, and what it is that attracts us to people, how exactly we feel connected to one particular person, that kind of thing. And I also wanted sort of a treasure map of a mystery, linking onto this whole idea of seizing into time travel.

So, from there, FLUTTER’s plot came into fruition. (And of course, always, I had the ending in mind. I always write for the end.) I first wrote FLUTTER with a dual view point, from Emery and Ash’s view. But, when I revised it to be from just Emery’s viewpoint, everything sort of fell into place. It all became a tad more mysterious and some things stayed more hidden, and it just worked out much better for the book.

Can you give us any insight on the name of the book? And the cover?

The title of the book comes from Emery’s – the main character – experience when she seizes. She’s had seizures since she was little, but they’re not seizures exactly, and she knows this. She knows she is time traveling, but she can’t quite prove it. Anyway, her only warning that she is about to seize is that her eyelids flutter. So, there you go!

As for the cover, this is Emery caught in a moment, just as her eyelids flutter, when she is passing into the loop. I love the motion and the tension of the photo! I think it really captures sort of the eerie feeling of her “loops.” (Also, just as an added note, the cover model is starring in the book trailer too, which is going to debut online later this week! It’s very, very cool.)

Did you have any personal experiences with someone who had seizures, or what type of research did you put into it?

I don’t have any personal experiences with someone suffering from seizures, although I did do a lot of research into the topic.

Are any of your characters based on people you know?

In the abstract, yes. Many qualities. As a teacher, I have always loved meeting and working with so many young girls who are brave and independent. They take charge of their own lives and conquer their problems on their own. They don’t look to others to be their hero, but rather are their own hero. I love this, and Emery is no exception.

If readers browse through the reviews posted on Goodreads and other bookselling outlets, they can see you have a surprised in stored for them. What can you tell us about this?

I have always loved mysteries and twists in books, stories where I really have to sit up and pay attention because I can’t really seem to figure everything out. And just when I think I have it all figured out, BAM, I’m not right! I have to rethink it.

I think young-adult readers are smart and savvy, and they don’t want to be able to have the whole mystery figured out by page 15 or even by page 215. They want a thrilling, suspenseful ride, one with twists and turns, where the stakes keep rising for Emery and for the reader, and I HOPE that’s what I’ve given them.

And truthfully, even a few of the reviews on Goodreads and other places that haven’t been 5-star, I secretly love them, because the reviewer just seems so SURPRISED, and so darn flummoxed that he/she couldn’t predict it all.

That, my friends, is when I feel like I’ve done my job! Good writing takes you on a journey. And if you are right there, with Emery, trying to figure it all out – the loops, Ash, Esperanza – then that’s all I can ask for!

What was your favorite part about writing this book?

Of course the ending was the best part for me. I always seem to write for the ending. I always know where I’m going, although I’m not always sure how I will get there. And I especially LOVE the ending for FLUTTER. It has a special place in my heart.

Are you planning on writing a sequel? Why or why not?

I believe FLUTTER is meant to be a standalone. It is a full journey, start to finish.

Do you want to tell us about any plans about current and/or future projects?

Oooh, yes. My next book, INDIGO, will be out next fall, and I just saw the first cover comp, and I just love it. Eerie and haunting, set in New Orleans, with a sci-fi twist and again another mystery. I think it is a wonderful follow-up to FLUTTER in that they are both in the same vein. Here is a quick intro:

After the death of her little sister, seventeen-year-old Corrine Harlowe moves with her family to moody, atmospheric New Orleans, where Corrine tries to keep the circle small — to keep from harming anyone else. She believes she is to blame for Sophie’s death, believes she caused it with her strange indigo touch, until she meets a boy, who convinces her that, rather than taking life, her touch has the power to give it.

Is there anything else you want to let readers know?

Thank you so much for having me today! And please enter the Goodreads contest for two signed hardcovers below!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Flutter by Gina Linko



by Gina Linko

Giveaway ends October 31, 2012.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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  1. October 18, 2012 at 7:12 am

    wish i could enter! but its only for US.. *sniff sniff*
    the book sounds interesting and thanks for the interview. i love hearing about the authors.

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