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Alternity by Mari Mancusi

by Mari Mancusi


By: Mari Mancusi

Release Date: October 19, 2012

Rating: 3 stars

Summary:Imagine waking up in a post-apocalyptic, nightmare world–and being told your whole life is but a dream. Skye Brown thought she was your typical teen – good grades, hot boyfriend, and an afterschool job that pays her to play videogames. But then she started having the dreams.In her dreams, there is no Earth. Only Terra, a bleak, underground wasteland where people live in squalor and oppression. In her dreams, there is no Skye–only Mariah, a rebel leader fighting against a vile, dystopian regime. And then there’s Dawn, a handsome, but haunted solider who sees her as but an empty shell of the girl he once love–a betrayer he vows to hate forever, despite what she sees deep in his eyes.

Now, ripped between Dark Siders and club kids, the mundane and the mystic, Skye finds herself in a fight against time–to learn who she really is, where she belongs..and why. The shocking truth will have her questioning her own reality…and her heart.


Review: How to I review this book without spoiling it? Overall, I basically struggled with this book until the last quarter, at which point, I was totally sucked in for a bit.

The prologue was really interesting and makes you want to know what’s going on. But then the first part of the book throws you into the daily life of a typical teenage college girl. It was a bit weird because even though Skype detected some odd behavior, I find it a little hard to believe that she JUST noticed them out of her 18 or 19 years. And why is she all of sudden having nightmares?

Then Skye is thrown into the world of Terra, and underground wasteland where people are struggling to survive. Mancusi may have attempted at world-building, but the little she did give us did not stretch far beyond your typical dystopian setting with an oppressive government and rebels wanting to start a revolution.

So the first half of the book pretty much dragged, and honestly, I kept waiting for Mancusi to explain to us what the heck was going on. The second half began to become a bit more interesting as we find out who Mariah is and what role she plays in the revolution.

However, it wasn’t until the last quarter or so with Mancusi’s big twist that the story really blew me away, and I was able to see, in hindsight, how everything fell into place.

Having said that, after the big explanation, I think the book did slack off a bit. It was almost as if Mancusi tried so hard to jam pack the big reveal, and then she was in a rush to tie it all together with the ultimate plan. I was a bit disappointed how that turned out, though I want to make a note that it was quite possibly that (spoiler – go to my Goodreads) And I also felt the final showdown was a bit too simple and maybe even too easy.

Like I said, the epiphany was quite mind-blowing for me, and I wish the rest of the book had been more interesting before and after the fact. I think if Mancusi introduced the concept a little sooner (say halfway through, if not earlier), and if she had taken more time to build on it for a solution other than their quick plan, it would have been so much more intriguing.

Go to Katy’s review on Goodreads.

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