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Katya’s World by Jonathan L. Howard

Katya’s World
by Jonathan L. Howard

Katya’s World (Katya Kuriakova #1)

By: Jonathan L. Howard

Release Date: November 6, 2012

Rating: 3.5 stars

Summary: The distant and unloved colony world of Russalka has no land, only the raging sea. No clear skies, only the endless storm clouds. Beneath the waves, the people live in pressurised environments and take what they need from the boundless ocean. It is a hard life, but it is theirs and they fought a war against Earth to protect it. But wars leave wounds that never quite heal, and secrets that never quite lie silent.

Katya Kuriakova doesn’t care much about ancient history like that, though. She is making her first submarine voyage as crew; the first nice, simple journey of what she expects to be a nice, simple career.

There is nothing nice and simple about the deep black waters of Russalka, however; soon she will encounter pirates and war criminals, see death and tragedy at first hand, and realise that her world’s future lies on the narrowest of knife edges. For in the crushing depths lies a sleeping monster, an abomination of unknown origin, and when it wakes, it will seek out and kill every single person on the planet.


Review: I’m not sure whether this book didn’t do a very good job of describing everything or whether I’m just too dumb or unimaginative, but I had a VERY HARD time picturing the ships, submarines and aircrafts and a lot of the action when everything was SO CRUCIAL to this novel. I couldn’t tell if they were steampunkish or futuristic or just your normal machines we have today. And the Leviathan? I know part of it was the mystery of not knowing what it is, but I was maybe picturing the alien in the 2012 movie “Battleship.” So I spent a good deal of the book reading what was happening but not being able to SEE what was going on in my head.

But I liked that the book was unpredictable. Well, this is coming from someone who can’t claim that she’s read many sci-fi books, and even then, I’m not sure if they’re really considered sci-fi. But back to the point, although it was a bit frustrating to not be able to picture the Leviathan, I was intrigued that there was some mystery to it and that it was hard to tell which side it was on. And not only the Leviathan but also everyone involved and whose side they are on, FMA’s effectiveness (or lack thereof), the Yagizban’s involvement in the whole situation and all the twists and turns leading up to the end. I will say I didn’t care for the theory behind the corruption of the Leviathan’s intelligence though. I know the book briefed us on it earlier, but it seem to come out of nowhere, even though I guess it was logical in a quick, glossed-over explanation.

I really like Kane. He reminded me of a less crazy – well maybe only slightly – Captain Jack Sparrow without the eccentric outfit. He was such a complex character with all his riddles and his complicated past. And you never knew what was going to come out of his mouth or what he was going to do next. And Katya was a great heroine, strong, smart, assertive and not at all annoying. The two characters to surprised me? (See my spoiler on Goodreads.)

And the end was so great because it was so powerful. So yeah, it took me a bit to get into it, and it didn’t really get good until about halfway through. But it was interesting and action packed, so I did end up liking it quite a bit. I just wish I was able to see the story more clearly.

Go to Katy’s review on Goodreads.

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