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All We’re Saying Is… Give Star Wars A Chance

An Introductory Note from Katy: I made the mistake of telling R2-D2 that I have never watched Star Wars, so he has a four-year-old mission to get me to watch the movies. Star Wars fans are CRAZY, and with the new movies, you can’t walk into a toy store without seeing tons of merchandise on the shelves. And with recent news about Lucasfilms signing off the rights to Disney (see Mitch’s post), R2-D2 thought it would be fitting to make another attempt at convincing me now is the time. May the force be with you…

Star Wars

Star Wars

If you’ve made it this far through your life without watching “Star Wars,” chances are you’re not a fan of science fiction.

Good news for you then, because at its core, “Star Wars” has virtually none of the technical sci-fi trappings that bog down the likes of “Star Trek” or “2001”, focusing instead on the classic elements of storytelling that creator George Lucas took from his two  greatest influences – Japanese director Akira Kurosawa and Joseph Campbell, whose “Hero with a Thousand Faces”, could practically be subtitled “The Story of Luke Skywalker,” had Campbell not written it 30 years before Lucas’ blockbuster came out.

While there are spaceships, aliens, robots, laser swords and  ray guns in nearly every seen of “Star Wars,” they are mere window dressing on the larger story – one steeped in the same classic themes that make the tales of King Arthur, the Odyssey and Beowulf irresistible.

“Star Wars’ is a hero’s quest – that takes the viewer along with two robots, a futuristic Abbott and Costello,  from the middle of a pitched battle to an intergalactic swap meet to the farm of our young hero Luke, whose dreams for adventure are outweighed only by the destiny attached to his name.

More than anything else, “Star Wars”, or as it is now known, “Episode IV: A New Hope”, is rich in two wonderful characteristics – imagination and innocence lost.  The innocence belongs to Luke, who wishes upon his homeworld’s double suns for a chance to fly beyond the stars, but also to Princess Leia, the spitfire Senator who proves to be anything but a damsel in distress, wielding words and a laser pistol with equal skill, but still finding herself pushed beyond her limits by her confrontation against the face of evil.

Evil doesn’t just lurk in the shadows in “Star Wars,” it smashes you across the face and makes you fear what monster lurks behind the mask almost as much as the mask itself.

And in between the classic opening Fox Studios fanfare and the smashing end notes of composer John Williams’ score, you’ll encounter humor from the most unlikely of sources – a garbage can on wheels and a seven-foot shaggy beast who is half-ape, half-man’s best friend; distinct political undertones that are as applicable today as they were in the late 1970s – an Empire built on military power, a legislative body too full of corruption to accomplish much of anything, and rebellion spreading where those without feel they have had enough; not to mention a healthy dose of sexual tension, provided largely by a pirate who proves that some girls just can’t resist a bad boy.

But perhaps my favorite part of “Star Wars”, the part that sparked discussions with my Star Wars-loving brother in 1982 and still do in 2012, is its approach to spiritualism, and to the concept that there is truly some power that pulls us all together and gives us a sense of purpose and destiny.

To paraphrase my favorite character of the whole saga – Obi-Wan Kenobi – it’s time to take your first step into a larger world.

Oh, and the sequel’s even better.

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  1. Lexie
    December 2, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    I am not ashamed to admit that I haven’t watched them. Okay, I mean I watched them when I was a kid, but I didn’t really understand it so I don’t like them. lol.

  2. Katy
    January 16, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    You are totally missing our in-depth Star Wars discussion right now.

  3. Lis
    January 17, 2013 at 2:08 am

    Katy :

    You are totally missing our in-depth Star Wars discussion right now.


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