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Reckless by S.C. Stephens: Chapter 1 now available!

YES! We did it!

S.C. Stephens got over 20.000 likes on her Facebook page. As promised, she already published Chapter 1 + some extra’s. You can download it for free on Feedbooks (in Epub, Kindle or PDF) or FictionPress.

Don’t stop harassing people to like her Facebook page though! Because when Stephens gets 25.000 likes, Chapter 2 will be revealed 😉 And since I we can never have enough Kellan Thoughtless, we want that Chapter too! Right?!

Note after reading first Chapter

Although I’m a huge Thoughtless fan (obviously), I admit I have a double feeling with this third book. We had the turbulent ride towards a Kellan and Kiera relationship in book 1. Then of course the typical issues and problems to maintain that relationship in book 2. So what can we expect in book 3? After reading the first chapter I am a bit worried.. First of all, I still don’t like Kiera. She just stays the iwannasmackherheadreallyhard annoying girl. I’m hoping not all chapters will be written from her perspective. But looking at the extras I doubt it..

Second remark, I’m no prude but I hope the book is not filled page after page with sex scenes. Cause then I’ll probably get a Fifty Shades déjà vu and a sex overdoses.. And third, please also not too corny and cheesy! Cause this one for example comes close:

‘I’d always hoped that the man I married would love me beyond reason, but Kellan … loved me beyond anything. The depth of his love sometimes overwhelmed me, but my love for him was just as powerful.’

Then again, maybe that’s because Kiera thinks it. When Kellan says things like that I go all “oooh” and “aaaww” 🙂

“Yep. It was like an electric current zipped around the room when you stepped through the doors. Like I knew I’d never be the same from that moment forward.”

Yeah, I know, I’m very demanding here. But hey, it’s Thoughtless we are talking about. And it wouldn’t be the first time a sequel disappoints me and just ruins the series. Fingers crossed Stephens is not going to do that!

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