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The Selection, The 100 in Contention at the CW, Delirium Quiet at Fox in Runup to May Upfronts

Every year in May, the “Big Four” US television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) plus The CW hold upfront presentations to showcase their new shows for the Fall season. Of course, before that, only the most successful television pilots actually make it to a fall order. This year, three shows based on young adult series are in contention, Kiera Cass’s The Selection, Kass Morgan’s upcoming The 100, both at the CW, and Lauren Oliver’s Delirium at Fox.

Pilots for all three shows have all been filmed, and now comes early word on how they’ve been received by the networks. Supposedly, Delirium has had a weaker start over at FOX, and with the the network presumably having only two free drama hours on its fall schedule (the network only programs two hours per night compared to three for the other major networks), things don’t look so great for Lauren Oliver’s dystopian at the moment. Of course, that can all change quickly, like if one of the network’s other pilots fall out of contention, or if one of FOX’s existing shows suffer a sudden and dramatic spring ratings slide that leads to cancellation.

Over at the CW, which has been suffering in the ratings lately and is likely to clean house with its existing shows, both The 100 and The Selection are looking much better. If the CW picks up five of its eight pilots as it has in seasons past, chances are good for both shows.

Finally, speaking of The Selection, sequel The Elite releases at the end of this month.

The Elite

The Elite

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