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Dance of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Dance of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Dance of the Red Death
by Bethany Griffin

Dance of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death #2)

By: Bethany Griffin

Release Date: June 11, 2013

Rating: 2 stars

Summary: Bethany Griffin continues the journey of Araby Worth in Dance of the Red Death—the sequel to her teen novel Masque of the Red Death.

In Dance of the Red Death, Araby’s world is in shambles—betrayal, death, disease, and evil forces surround her. She has no one to trust. But she finds herself and discovers that she will fight for the people she loves, and for her city.

Her revenge will take place at the menacing masked ball, though it could destroy her and everyone she loves…or it could turn her into a hero.

With a nod to Edgar Allan Poe, Bethany Griffin concludes her tragic and mysterious Red Death series with a heroine that young adult readers will never forget


Review: Props to Bethany Griffin for making this a two-book series. I liked Masque of the Red Death, so I’m glad we can cut out the middle book. However, I struggled with it and ended up thinking it was just okay.

First of all, there was just something about the pacing that was just off. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of action scenes, but the whole book just sort of dragged. It wasn’t that Griffin was overly concerned with imagery and description or that she bogged readers down with any particular scene to create extra drama. There just wasn’t that excitement that I was expecting to get from the events that would lead up to the grand finale.

Also, I couldn’t really connect with the characters. I wouldn’t say Araby dramatically changed – as many authors tend to do with their MCs. I just felt indifferent toward her. And Will, I wanted to be excited with his character as I was from the first book, but he was just always in the shadows. Elliott had grown on me by the end of book 1, but I couldn’t get a good read on him in this one. He was constantly hot and cold, and I couldn’t trust him long enough to decide how I felt about him. I did like April and was glad that she kept the story fun.

Again, I didn’t feel there was much steampunk in this other than Kent’s balloon and the occasional carriage. I’m fascinated by Victorian (or whatever style you would describe what they wore), but that seemed to lack also except for a few scenes, though understandably so. And while I knew death was all around, I was just disappointed with the inability to picture a lot of the scenes in this book. I’d expected so much more.

Overall, the story wasn’t bad, and I think I could have liked it. I just felt it was such a chore to get through the book, although in a way, I felt Griffin was trying to fit too much into one book. And I am very unsatisfied with the end. I’m not sure what’s a better what to explain it, but I’m just left feeling unsettled. Hopefully, others who were able to focus more on the story would end up liking the book a lot more.

Go to Katy’s review on Goodreads.

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  1. June 8, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    I totally agree about this one. I felt the same way. I do like that it is a two book series. Great review.

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