Contributors & Blog Network

This site would not have been possible if it were not for the support of our friends, who have stuck by us through it all – even though we’re probably two of the worst communicators who are really bad at keeping in touch. We have such great friends, who make reading SO fun.

And a few of them have graciously agreed to step in and help out with the site when we’re both swamped. So without further ado, we would like to thank our contributors (click on their names for their bios):

LIS – First of all, a special thank you to Lis for helping us gather titles for our new release lists every week. And, since she nags us by flooding our phones with text messages or spamming our e-mails convinces us to read certain books – either to test them out for her or to make us read with her – we’re making her review some of them.

ANNAALESE – This girl always has the latest on fashion and celebrity news. She started out by passing along upcoming books-into-movies news, but somehow, we managed to sucker talk her into blogging it herself. Thanks Annaalese for keeping us up-to-date on casting and other movie news.

LEXIE – Also, even though Lexie has a blog of her own, she has written a few guest columns for us, mainly author interviews we haven’t been able to report.

R2-D2 – And the newest contributor is a special friend, who also happens to be a robot. That computer brain of his has some strangely interesting thoughts for a Star Wars nerd. He is a big movie guru, whose favorites include the obvious, Battlestar Galactica and Office Space, as well as TV shows like The Office. He also enjoys The Game of Thornes by George R.R. Martin and The Dark Tower by Stephen King.

BLOG NETWORK – Don’t forget to visit our blog network and see some of the people we follow, both friends and random bloggers.

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